Big Brother Program for IDF Families


Talmud Torah Hadar Yosef serves the residents of the Binyamin Region.

Living in Eli are 60 IDF families. The husbands serve in the IDF either as career officers or are completing their compulsory service.

Among the student body are 21 students whose fathers are career officers in the IDF. The parental role of learning with their children and reviewing their school work is oftentimes unfulfilled.

In order to address this need, the Talmud Torah has decided to begin an educational  program and  assign a "big brother" to each student  in order to learn together instead of the father who  is away.

The meetings will take place twice a week, an hour each time and will be led by post army Yeshiva Students.

Talmud Torah Hadar Yosef is seeking a donor who will underwrite the program or any part thereof.

An annual scholarship for one student is $800

The cost of the entire program is $16,800


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