The Snow storm

In Eli we experienced a snow storm that left us without electricity water or heat for 72 hours. We decided to make a positive experience out of it.


The  beautiful snow caped mountains surrounding us were like" Tal Hermon that comes down on the mountains of Zion" כטל חרמון שיורד על הררי ציון"

We remembered Hillel Hazaken and his Misirut to learn Torah even in the freezing cold weather, we at Talmud Torah Hadar-Yosef studied Torah in the freezing cold without electricity almost every day. The students living in the center of the yishuv were able to walk to some of the teachers homes, to sip hot tea and learn Torah.In the zechut of Limud Torah,

"אם יהיו חטאיכם כשנים, כשלג ילבינו"

Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.""


The snow brought out the best in everyone:
The Hortig family had an unfortunate surprise they woke up Shabbat morning to a great boom- their roof collapsed from the snow.
A few days later the students of Hadar Yosef helped them carry all of their belongings out of the house and down the street to their new rental. They wanted to settle in as soon as possible as the mother runs a private gan in her home and all of the toys were sopping wet, and the husband has an alternative medicine clinic in the house.
The students stood outside and adults passed books and toys through the window (roof was endanger of collapsing even more).
Baruch Hashem with the help of many the Hortigs are in their rental waiting to begin fixing the roof.


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