om Hazikaron ceremony

Yom Hazikaron 5775
The Y was organized this year by the 5th grade class.
They read letters written by fallen soldiers and acted out the battle in operation Protective Edge, in which Lt. Hadar Goldin was killed. 
It was a very special and moving ceremony. 
In the classrooms we conducted a learning in memory of the fallen soldiers from the Hadar Yosef family.  
May their souls rest in peace.


Gush Katif Day

the 22 of Shvat is the official Gush Katif remebrance day in the Department of Education.
We at Hadar-Yosef decided to remember Gush Katif by telling the students stories of the wonderful farmers and people that lived there.
The students watched a movie and there were books and pictures on display.
A number of our students are former residents of Netzarim in Gush Katif. This day has special meaning to their families.

Tu Beshvat at Hadar-Yosef in Eli

In honor of Tu Beshvat and with the assistance of the One Israel Fund
we planted an orchard of fruit trees.
The guests arrived in Eli marched down the mountain holding flags and singing.
Drinking herbal tea made by the students on an open fire the group attended a short ceremony led by the principal Rabbi Shai Ben Shalom.
The sweet students of Kita Aleph sang and then everyone planted fruit trees and received a certificate of appreciation.
It was a very moving and special day!
You can still purchase trees and join this meaningful project through the One Israel Fund website.

The Convoy of the 35

Lamed Heh, in honor of the upcoming Yahrtzeit of the Lamed heh the begining of Shvat, the upper grades took part in a special journey "Following the Footsteps of the Lamed Heh Convoy”.

The Lamed Heh Convoy, consisting of 35 men of the Haganah, were sent to the defense of Gush Etzion in 1948.

The students learned of the heroic battle that took place that evening exactly 62 years ago. In order to get the feel of what it was like to be a soldier on 1948, the teacher dressed up and acted as the commander, arms were carved out of wood by the students in carpentry class, and stretchers were carried through the night as the boys climbed Givat Hakrav – upon reaching the summit, a moving ceremony took place at dawn. 


The Snow storm

In Eli we experienced a snow storm that left us without electricity water or heat for 72 hours. We decided to make a positive experience out of it.


The  beautiful snow caped mountains surrounding us were like" Tal Hermon that comes down on the mountains of Zion" כטל חרמון שיורד על הררי ציון"

We remembered Hillel Hazaken and his Misirut to learn Torah even in the freezing cold weather, we at Talmud Torah Hadar-Yosef studied Torah in the freezing cold without electricity almost every day. The students living in the center of the yishuv were able to walk to some of the teachers homes, to sip hot tea and learn Torah.In the zechut of Limud Torah,

"אם יהיו חטאיכם כשנים, כשלג ילבינו"

Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.""


The snow brought out the best in everyone:
The Hortig family had an unfortunate surprise they woke up Shabbat morning to a great boom- their roof collapsed from the snow.
A few days later the students of Hadar Yosef helped them carry all of their belongings out of the house and down the street to their new rental. They wanted to settle in as soon as possible as the mother runs a private gan in her home and all of the toys were sopping wet, and the husband has an alternative medicine clinic in the house.
The students stood outside and adults passed books and toys through the window (roof was endanger of collapsing even more).
Baruch Hashem with the help of many the Hortigs are in their rental waiting to begin fixing the roof.


The new year has begun

The new year has begun at Talmud Torah Hadar Yosef in Eli

With joy and anticipation we march together into the New Year.
This year we happily absorbed 240 students into our ranks.

 Rabbi Shai Ben Shalom, the princepal welcomed the students 
at the gate with candy for a sweet year

The Kita Aleph students singing and dancing with their parents

mother saying a special prayer for the hatzlacha of her son

Grandparents drove all the way down from Maalot to be with their grandson on his first day

The Big Brother Program Chanukah Trip

This year there are 22 students whose fathers are career officers in the IDF and three students who are IDF Orphans, taking part in this important program.


For the Avot Ubanim that took place over Chanukah, the Big Brothers attended the learning instead of those whose fathers could not attend.

Chanukah is an 8 day long vacation, difficult for the mothers who are home alone with all of the Kids. The Big Brothers took the students on a beautiful Tiyul  in  Nachal Prat for a day and had a great time! They hiked, played learned and had a terrific experience.


An unforgettable Bar- Mitzvah!

When Yonatan Wasserman, of Scarsdale NY was looking for a meaningful way to celebrate his Bar- Mitzvah, he heard through a family friend that there is a school in Eli that plans special Bar- Mitzvah days. Yonatan heard that Talmud Torah Hadar-Yosef is looking to create a library in memory of their beloved teachers Avi and Avital Volansky Hy"d that were killed in a terror attack during the second intifada. He decided that this was to be his Chessed project, he began a book drive and asked all of his family and friends to give gifts to be used to purchase books for the Library.

The Bar- Mitavah day was tailored to fit Yonatans, personality, and interests. After a beautiful Tefilla and breakfast at the Kotel we drove to the Psagot winery and visitors center overlooking the Battlefield of Shaul and Yonatan. We relived the battle and      explained the tactics employed by Yonatan against the Plishtim. Because of Yonatan's interest in archaeology, we proceeded to ancient Shilo and took part in an archaeological workshop. Guests, dressed as in biblical times, wrote their names on ostricons in ancient Hebrew and washed ancient pottery shards.

Our next stop was a beautiful dedication of the Library at Hadar - Yosef in Eli. Yonatan was presented with a plaque by Mayor of Eli Koby Eliraz and Rabbi Yehudah Veinner Principal of the Talmud Torah. Yonatan's family members inserted stickers in the books in honor of his Bar- Mitzvah.

Following the moving ceremony it was time for some paintball!! The Bar- Mitzvah guests learned how to shoot paint ball guns from the tactical response team in Eli and had a great time!! The day concluded with a joyous party in the Simcha hall. Hadar- Yosef's Bar- Mitzvah class gathered celebrate with the Bar- Mitzvah Boy. It was a great day!

Our Friends around the Globe

We were honored with a visit by Rabbi Marwick and family from our sister congregation Shomrei Emunah Baltimore.

Rabbi Binyamin and Dr. Miriam Marwick and children enjoyed a day of excavating in Ancient Shilo, a mezzuza making workshop at Hadar-Yosef carpentry shop and Lunch with the mayor of Eli Koby Eliraz.

We are thankful to Congregation Shomrei Emunah for their long term connection to Eli and their generous support of our Big brother program.

A new year has bygone

A new year in the Talmud torah has bygone.

45 new first grade students have joined the Talmud torah and "hadar-yosef" B"H continues to grow.
The campus has been expanded with a new study room and there are several faculty members how have joined the staff.

We wish them all a Shana Tova and a happy successful year.

the end of the school-year

The end of Tamuz arrived, and the end of the school year came as well.

We wish the students, parents and the staff of the Talmud Torah a happy summer brake,

And look forward on seeing them all at the beginning of a fresh new school year in the first of Elul.

Grandfathers and Grandsons

The traditional 'Grandfathers and Grandsons' Learning took place this year for the fourth time in a row!


On a Friday morning of Tamuz, Grandfathers, Grandmothers and Grandsons of the Talmud Torah came together in Eli.   The Grandfathers and Grandsons' learned together, the grandmothers heard an interesting lecture and they all enjoyed a play by the fourth grade students.

 We wish to thank the Grandfathers & Grandmothers for their effort to participate in this special event and being part of the Talmud Torah family.


We hope to see you next year as well.


The summer opening at Hadar- Yosef

´Yom Yerushalayim´ - Jerusalem Day


model of Jerusalem made by the students of the first and second grade.

ceremony and play by the students of the 4rth grade.

´Fathers and sons´ learning for Shavuot

On Tusday morning, Erev Shavuot, the Talmud Torah held one of their Periodic 'Fathers and sons' learning.

The students and parents learned about Shavuot and the holiday's special mining.

The fathers had an enjoyable experience and the children got a special tasty surprise.

Avraham & Meir Fried visit the Talmud Torah.

Udi and Yoav Fogel HID

"Mishenichnas Adar marbim b´sima"

We wish everyone a Happy Adar!

(You can view more photos in "Photo Gallery")

The ´Simchat Torah´ project

Maj. Eliraz Peretz HYD

A month in the light of Rabbi Aryeh Levin

Tu Beshvat

The children enjoyed the special atmosphere
and the very sweet fruit.

Tefilla for Rain


Tefilla for Rain

Monday the 22nd of Kislev the students and teachers gathered in the Beit Midrash
of the Talmud Torah to Daven for the much needed rain. May Hashem hear the
prayers of tinokot shel beit raban and may we be blessed with gishmei bracha!


Our Friends from Around the Globe

Our Friends from Around the Globe


Congregation Shomrei Emunah of Baltimore is the sister community of our Yishuv Eli.
This year we began a partnership program between Shomrei  Emunah and Talmud Torah Hadar-Yosef:
 A Big Brother program was created for the children of soldiers killed in action and for students whose
fathers are career officers in the IDF and spend many day away from their families. Recognizing the
importance of father figures in the lives of these young boys, the Talmud Torah has initiated a Big
Brother Program and has asked the members of Shomrei Emunah to participate with them in this important
and very worthy cause. The program is an educational one, with the big brothers assisting the boys with
 homework, Limudai Kodesh studies, and general camaraderie.

Our Connection with Congregation Shomrei Emunah is a very special one. We have had two recent
visits by congregation members who came to visit Eli and Hadar- Yosef to see first hand the progress
with this program.

We would like to thank Congregation Shomrei Emunah for this special connection and for becoming
our partners in this important project. We would especially like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Layne
Lowenstein for their tremendous efforts in making this project a reality.  


Mike and Layne Lowenstein with Shlomit Peretz 

Visiting Kita Aleph

Martin and Sheila Orshan in our Butterfly Garden





Yom Ptirat Rachel Imenu at Hadar- Yosef

Yom Ptirat Rachel Imeinu


In honor of the Yahrtzeit of Rachel Imeinu, Mr. Nissim Hovav- father of  Capt. Ariel Hovav H"YD, who was killed in a terror attack in Wadi Haramia in 2003, came to give a lecture to the junior high school students about the very special connection between his son Ariel , and Kever Rachel. Ariel, during his army service was stationed in Beit Lehem, he took a very special interest in Kever Rachel and was devoted to keeping it an open place of prayer to Jews at all times even endangering his own life for this purpose. The students learned about Ariel's special character through the stories conveyed by Nissim Hovav. We thank Mr. Hovav for coming to share the stories of
Ariel's devotion during his life and his heroic death.


Elective Studies Erev Rosh Hashana


Graduation Class

Besha'a Tova the 8th graders graduated. In addition to their regular studies, the second half of the year was dedicated to different projects. Amongst the projects were: a hike from Sea to Sea (from the Mediterranean to the Kinneret) - the eighth graders hiked for three days carrying all their gear on their backs. They were extremely excited after the three day hike to swim in the Kinneret. The end of the year play was dedicated to Jonathan Pollard. The class volunteered for three days on Kibbutz Tirat Ztvi in the Beit She'an Valley. In carpentry, each student chose a project that took most of the year to plan and complete. The last month was dedicated to the yearbook and Siyumei Masechtot - the yearbook itself consisted of articles in Emuna, Halacha, and Gemorah written by the students themselves. We wish our graduates luck in their Yeshivot!!


Shalom Kita Aleph


Shalom Kita Aleph

This year 50 new students were welcomed to the Talmud Torah with singing, dancing and a chocolate Aleph Bet cake.


Playground Dedication

On Yom Yerushalayim, a beautiful new playground was dedicated at the Talmud Torah,  the kind gift of Mrs. Sabina Citron. This was a special and very happy ceremony. When the ribbon was cut, hundreds of joyous children ran to climb on and enjoy the new gift. As the words of the prophet Zecharia:

"עוד ישבו זקנים וזקנות ברחובות ירושלים.. ורחבות העיר ימלאו, ילדים וילדות, משחקים ברחובותיה"

"There Shall yet be old men and old women sit in the broad places off Jerusalem...And the broad places of the city should be full of boys and girls playing in the broad places thereof"

Deputy Minister of Education Visits

 The Deputy to the Minister of Education, Rabbi Meir Poroush came to visit the Talmud Torah, the students accompanied the deputy minister in song holding Israeli flags. Rabbi Poroush addressed the students and spoke of the importance of Torah learning and education. He expressed his hope that soon we should be learning in a permanent building. The Rabbi concluded his visit by planting a cherry tree in the Butterfly Garden.

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