"Hadar Yosef" has a tradition of events throughout the year


"Enhancing the light" - Chanukah fathers and sons learning

Every year during Chanukah, hundreds of fathers and sons pack into the Beit Knesset for festive learning together.


Mivtza Simchat Torah - Adar Siyum Party

During the winter months, prior to the month of Adar, the Talmud Torah began a special project: each student from the first through eighth grades on his own free time with another family member prepared a Siyum Masechet in Gemara, in Mishna or in Torah according to age and level.

The Siyumim are celebrated on Rosh Hodesh Adar in the Simcha hall of Eli, a very festive evening with the participation of 450 parents, students and guests.


Yom Hashoa, Holocaust Memorial Day and Yom Hazikaron

Students of 7th and 8th grades prepare the annual ceremonies. On Yom Hashoa the children are privileged to meet with Mrs. Sabina Citron, a Holocaust survivor and founder of "Hadar Yosef".

During the Yom Hazikaron ceremony, residents of Eli as well as teachers at "Hadar Yosef" are invited to tell of their experiences during Israel's battles and of friends who have fallen.


Erev Shavuot - fathers and sons learning

On Erev Shavuot, the Talmud Torah conducts a special learning experience for fathers and sons.


Connecting the Generations - Grandfathers and Grandsons' Learning

Towards the end of the school year, we maintain a yearly tradition of grandfathers and grandsons studying together. The festive event is coordinated ahead of time with the grandparents, assisting whoever needs help with transportation to Eli. The grandmothers also take part in activities with their grandsons.


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