Experience a meaningful Bar Mitzvah


Would you like to celebrate your son's Bar-Mitzvah in a most significant way?

We, at Talmud Torah Hadar Yosef, Eli, will help you plan and carry out a special program, created especially for you and your family.

"Bar-Mitzvah Twin" - adopt a Bar-Mitzvah boy from the Shomron. Your son and his "twin" learn together, and plan to celebrate their special day in a way that suits them. Celebrate with the whole class of the Talmud Torah - a combined Hanachat Tefillin, and then a day trip or bicycle ride in the area. The Simcha will be that much more enjoyable when celebrated as a group.

We will help you build your day according to your specific needs and interests. Below are some of our ideas:

Choose a theme for your special day:

  • Historical - re-live the Parashah or Haftarah in the places of our history: Follow the footsteps of Shmuel Hanavi: Visit Nebi Samuel- the traditional burial site of Shmuel, experience Tel-Shilo: your son will lead a guided tour of Shilo - the capital of Israel for 369 years; enjoy Tabernacle-related themed workshops (make your own incense for Havdalla!!), Tel-Shilo comes to life with biblical actors and biblical characters who enhance the mood.
  • Chesed"עולם חסד יבנה" - - "Hands On" activities for family and friends. Pack food packages for needy families, create special packages/parcels for soldiers and distribute it in a nearby army base, volunteer helping farmers in the area, plant trees in Eli. We will help you create a Chesed project of your choice so you make a difference!
  • Bar-Mitzvah-related topics: visit a unique family workshop for making Tefillin, hear personal stories of how this trade passes from father to son, "Ptil Techelet" - workhouse for Tzizit, and if possible a program related to the Bar- Mitzvah boy's name: (Shmuel, Avraham, Yonatan,Yehudah...)
  • For nature and action-lovers: Jeep, horse or mountain biking on the beautiful paths of the surrounding area, hike to a natural spring near Eli (30 minute walk); our catering service will meet you in the middle of your hike and serve you a beautiful meal in the pastoral setting of the olive trees.



Select one of our standard programs, or build your own from any of the above activities to suit your family, guests and the Bar-Mitzvah boy.

We also offer a number of options for meals and refreshments; from a catered dinner in our shul hall, to a picnic at the outdoor spring or a barbeque at a magnificent lookout point or around our swimming pool, or even in a railroad car that includes a full media center. Choose the style and place that suits you and your guests.

Come and celebrate with your immediate family, or bring a wider circle of friends!

All profits from these activities go directly to Talmud Torah Hadar Yosef - so you can experience a different but very significant Bar-Mitzvah, while contributing to Talmud Torah in the Shomron.


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